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Often the biggest obstacle in our lives is ourselves. If that's true, then many of life's problems are self-imposed. So in order to solve problems, we usually have to internalize to find the answer. But do you know the questions?  I'm not here to tell you that solving these problems is easy. That is why it's always easier when you have someone, a coach, mentor or friend that can help. Do not try to ignore the pain of a problem. You will only delay the healing. There is awesomeness hiding within us. All we have to do is explore.

Ready to start your journey?

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Jim offers customized presentations to fit your individual or team needs and budget, such as:​

  • 10 Minute Briefings

  • Lunch and Learn

  • Keynote Speech

  • Half or Full Day Workshops

  • In-House Training


Jim's coaching involves the ability to understand you. To add another perspective while helping you achieve goals and overcome limited paradigms. 

  • Individual: One on One 

  • Group: Small settings or video conference


The Mastermind course is a  combination of brainstorming and idea generation to sharpen your business & personal skills.

This mastermind will  challenge you to set strong goals & accomplish them.

  • Study leadership, communications and growth principles

  • Receive critical insights into yourself

  • Sharpen your business and your personal skills

Randy Hanlon

Sports Marketing Executive, NBA

"I have the highest regard for Jim Chillemi. Jim trains future leaders about respect and the importance of preparation in life. Jim trains from a place of love and compassion & I am forever grateful."

Jon Slater, MD

“Jim is a man of great principle, loyalty and commitment who has been a close friend for over 20 years. It has been an honor to know him, and my martial arts training under him was a highlight of my life, its principles have been a source of great strength, structure and self-confidence for both myself, and by extension to the children with whom I work. Jim is the person you want beside you in a foxhole.”

Jami Furniss

 When I first met Jim I lacked confidence, but by the time I had earned my black belt under his instruction I was beaming with confidence. He taught me more in those 4 years than I had learned in the 18 years before I had met him. He taught me so much more than how to fight physically. He taught me how to take care of the people that take care of me, how to stand up for myself, how to understand my personal worth and much more. There are lessons that he is still teaching me. Lessons that I was too young and stubborn to learn at the time, but now play a part in who I’m becoming."

"Leadership is influence.
Nothing more, nothing less"
-John Maxwell

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