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Jim Chillemi was born in 1953 in the Bronx, a time marked by drugs and street fights. At 16 his father walked out on the family and Jim started working odd jobs to help his mother make ends meet. At 19, he was diagnosed with poly-cystic kidney disease. Out of desire to better himself along with his refusal to allow any limitation to define who he was, he discovered the martial arts. He has taught martial arts to men, women and children for over 45 years. Jim has traveled extensively worldwide, competing in tournaments as captain of Team USA. He has also operated a numbers of successful small businesses.


Influencing people and hard work has helped Jim shape his insights and interpretations of leadership on our lives, both personally and professionally.  He is a catalyst for leadership. As  a member of the John Maxwell team, he is a certified coach, mentor and speaker. He believes in the importance of finding your why. Because if you know your why, you will always find your way. 

 Jim is passionate about the power of influencing, and empowering others to lead. He understands that giving more value than you receive is a prerequisite to long term success, and the only way to lead is by example.  

John Maxwell has mentored me to understand that success is not a destination, but a process. A life long strategy of building on strengths, minimizing weaknesses. Focusing on people and the points of life that are most important. He has helped me to understand what the important things are. Relationships, adding value to others, maintaining a winning attitude, and leadership. 

About Jim


From left to right: Alexander (son), Andrea (wife), James (son) and Jim

john maxwell & jim (3).jpeg

From left to right: Jim and John Maxwell

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