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Public Speaking

Jim has been in the business of human potential for over 40 years. He has helped shape insights and interpretations of leadership in the lives of many, both personally and professionally.  He is a catalyst for leadership. As  a member of the John Maxwell team, he is a certified coach, mentor and speaker. He believes in the importance of finding your why. Because if you know your why, you will always find your way. 

Jim is also a 6th degree black belt and the owner and Founder of New York Goju Karate Association. Through values inherent in martial arts he successfully lead men, women and children through the life changing process of conflict resolution and the skills necessary to overcome adversity. Jim believes nothing worth fighting for is easy and when equipped with the right tools anything can be achieved.

Jim is passionate about the power of influencing, and empowering others to lead. He understands that giving more value than you receive is a prerequisite to long term success, and the only way to lead is by example.  

Jim is available for speaking events nationwide specializing in Transformational Leadership for the business professional. He will customize his TED style talk for your shorter events or fill an hour long Keynote to fit your business goals and needs.

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