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Law #15 The Law of Contribution

A contribution is an opportunity to give. It's a gift, an offering that we give to and for others.

#14 The Law of Expansion

Growth always increases your capacity. When we expand our mind all things are possible.

Law#12 The Law of Curiosity

Knowledge, understanding and wisdom will not seek you out. You must acquire it and the best way to do that is to remain curious.

Law # 9 The Law of the Ladder

Your character will determine the height of your personal growth and the height of your personal growth will determine the height of your...

Law #6 Environment

The environments we create are pivotal in determining our attitude, health, wealth and spiritual well being.

Law #4 The Law of Reflection

Experience is not the best teacher. Evaluated experience is. Reflection turns experience into insight.

Law #3 The Mirror

Life will reflect back to you what you put into it.

Law #2 Awareness

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. Your thoughts carve a pathway to your success or your failure. Be aware of who you are, where...

Law # 1 The Law of Intentionality

No one grows by accident. In order to improve the quality of our lives we have to be intentional. We must grow on and with a purpose.

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