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"Jim Chillemi lives and teaches from the heart. As a lawyer, teacher and parent, I have been inspired by Jim to bring alignment and gratitude to my life. For more than 10 years, he has been my physical trainer and life coach. Jim has a unique capacity to share his practice of approaching each day invigorated by positive energy, insight, love of learning and dedication to mutual respect for the people whose lives he touches"

-Nancy Kliot, Attorney at Law

"I have had the privilege to know Shihan Jim Chillemi for over 18 years and his words, guidance and mentorship have literally changed my life. His guidance helped me to convert the energy from my uncertainty and fears toward clarity, focus and positive goals.

-Steve Strauss, Real Estate Developer

“Every day I implement Jim’s lessons - they are life tools. He taught me to distinguish the aspects in life that I can control from those I cannot. Jim taught me that life becomes so much more simple and powerful when we assume responsibility for the way we chose to interact with our given circumstances.”

-Maria Gouras , Author, Actress and Painter

"For over 13 years, Jim has served as mentor and leader to me and countless others.  His message of taking responsibility for yourself and engaging in constant self-assessment and self-improvement has changed my life and the lives of many others.  Under the guidance of Jim’s sage words, I found the motivation to persevere in karate well beyond reaching the initial goals that I set.  More importantly though, Jim’s message, always delivered with charisma and compassion, has motivated me to work harder and more effectively at work and in my family and personal life.  I highly commend Jim to anyone who might need a push in the right direction."

-Joseph DeMatteo, Attorney at Law  

“Mr. Chillemi turned hope on with his lectures at the Children’s Village. He visited and lectured the young men of CV with a passion, care and intent that parallel only a father’s approach. He came as a coach to open their minds to better opportunities, to carry them to other possibilities and a life of dignity and choice that better suits every young man out there.“


-Aida Hasanpapa, Academic Enrichment Coordinator at Children’s Village

“Jim Chillemi’s integrity and rare combination of strengths make him especially effective in his work with kids and as a leader. He is compassionate, positive, and determined and leads naturally by example. He is one of the most inspiring people I know and I admire him tremendously.”


-Susan Meigs, Director, Open Door Program at the Children’s Village

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